Blue (2017-18)

Lebach Refugee Camp is located in Saarland, Germany. More than 2000 asylum-seekers reside in the camp, although its capacity and facilities cover less than half of this number. As a result, most of the refugees share a very small room with many others which causes adverse health and hygiene conditions as well as less safety. The majority of people living in this camp are Syrians who flee the regime of Bashar Assad and ISIS, and also Afghans whose lives were in danger because of Taliban.
Almost all of the refugees faced a lot of difficulties and hardships while coming to Germany. Many of them died and drowned in front of their family’s eyes as the boat capsized in the sea. Going through a lot of pain and discomfort, the refugees experience the most terrible mental conditions.
“Blue” tries to portrait refugees’ living conditions in Lebach Refugee Camp, while some of them are still waiting for their asylum claim and have been living in this camp for more than ten years.