Simin (2022)

After having a forced marriage as a young girl with a man who was already married once before, Simin’s life, which was full of beautiful memories of her childhood, underwent a series of changes. In her husband’s house, she was exposed to drugs. She got drugs from her husband whenever she was in pain in order to come down. After a while, she gave birth to her first child, a girl, who became her whole life.
She had to work as a cleaning lady from morning to night with her baby girl to provide living expenses. At the same time, she was tempted to smuggle drugs so as to earn good money. This led to her arrest and five years’ imprisonment.

When she was released, her husband rejected her. However, through the mediation of the elder, Simin returned to her home and started working again. She also gave birth to her second child, Hossein. Being under a lot of pressure to earn a living for Herself, her Children and also her Husband, who didn’t go to work anymore, Simin fell into consuming heroin and crystal meth. This situation caused her husband to divorce Simin, throw her out of the house, and not let her see the children at all.

After being homeless for about 12 years, she could now rent a very small room in a shared old house, where two or more addicts live in each room, by collecting waste and selling them. Simin shows her room which is decorated with items found in the garbage. She also shows a two-hundred-year-old abandoned house in the heart of the old neighborhood of Sang-e Siah, Shiraz where most of the addicts like Simin can consume drugs safely. “I always collect the waste in the middle of the night to avoid the annoying looks of strangers and not to be seen by my family specially the family of my daughter who is married now,” Simin said.